About Us

Good Vibes Vegan Cafe

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you!

I believe that we can be vegan and healthy, while simultaneously eating foods that we love AND that taste great. Good Vibes Vegan Cafe was birthed from my passion to teach my friends and family how veganism can heal many ailments directly caused by the consumption of animal products. We vow that your food will be served fresh, extra tasty, and always prepared with love and care. 

Good Vibes Heals

I also enjoy blending teas, herbs and fruit to create blends that will not only taste amazing, but heal you from the inside out. When speaking of self care, I am referring to my passion for community, an active lifestyle & healthy body, and mind. I strive to maintain these practices daily so that my love and good vibes will show up in our food. We truly consider it an honor to serve the community that we love! 

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